Artist Statement

I'm fueled with a passion to create. I'm continually experimenting and no longer believe in mistakes. With every piece I paint, it is my intention to  create something beautiful based on that moment in time. I pour my soul onto canvas with paint, allowing the rhythm to explore my emotions, and embody each piece with its own story. It is my intention to inflict thought or emotion, whether the viewer feels the same way I did or not is irrelevant. My artwork is expression straight from my heart and soul; consider it poetry written with paint. I love to tell a story, with or without words.

What Others Have to Say!

"Lindsay's artwork is a vibrant display of her creative spark and gives her a window to portray her love of the abstract and her feelings at the time of their creation. Her paintings grace various walls in our home and infuse a positive energy into our souls every day! You can custom order paintings in various sizes and colors to suit your home decor or view her current works of art on her web page at Hidden Shadows Studio" -- Karen Meier

"Lindsay is full of passion and has a definite love for art! She has her own unique style, but also likes to experiment with new things. Lindsay's pieces are mostly happy and bright, and could easily fit into any decor for any room. Lindsay has great communication and if hired for a commissioned piece, would do well in making sure she produces what is asked." -- Kirsty Coulson

"I have known Lindsay for a few years now and have watched her art work evolve into something magical. What I really enjoy about her art is with every piece you can sense the emotion she was feeling while creating it. I have two pieces by her and they captured everything I asked and more. They both use a modern combination of geometric and organic shapes whole creating texture with colour. I am not an art connoisseur but her work just takes my breath away. If I could and was able to afford to I would cover my walls with her work." -- Riley Quinn